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whiskeyhicks reviews The Simpsons Game (X360)

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whiskeyhicks said...

I remember the reason I bought this game. Originally I bought the game because I needed a way to appeal to my mother when it came to the "new console platforms". To say the least she is more of a retro gamer, having preference to games on the standard Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I originally bought "The Simpsons Game" because it was a Simpsons game that got her into playing games to begin with (Bart vs. The Space Mutants). Little did I realize at the time that the concept of the third dimension followed by some tricky camera problems and controls she never could understand would be a bit... above her understanding.

I played it instead, and admittedly it's a good game but there are certainly problems with it. My biggest one being the fact that the overall story of the game seemed short (emphasis on seemed since admittedly that time was fun enough that it seemed like it was short) but admittedly plays like an episode of The Simpsons that breaks the fourth wall. Also there were several throwbacks to classic games, some of them were great (i.e. Frogger) some of them are tests in patience (i.e. Joust, Defender).

Regardless it is a good game and if you can find it for less then ten dollars then it's a game that is worth picking up and playing whenever you feel like it. However if you can't then I would suggest renting it so you're not burdeoned with spending 15 dollars on a game you spent 3 days trying to beat and may never play again.

Game Traits applied to The Simpsons Game (X360) by whiskeyhicks

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    Irreverent, Parody
The Simpsons Game

The Simpsons Game (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date: 30/OCT/07
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