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whiskeyhicks reviews Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (X360)

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whiskeyhicks said...

I'm not really into a sports games. Generally if someone suggest a game of Madden I would tell them that if they really wanted to play football we should go outside. However sometimes I have this fever and the only cure is a good game of Golf. Granted I know absolutely nothing about the game itself but that never stopped me from doing anything, this why I got Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. You know it's funny how I originally bought "The Simpsons Game" to shine my mother on the current platforms, but in the end it was this game that sold her. It also would be the cause of me waking up to watch her playing on my X-Box. For that alone I will give Tiger Woods Golf a good mark, because it is simple enough for anyone to play.

However I will not say that the game is perfect, specifically I am going to say that something I don't understand is it's simplicity of playing. The whole "down for backswing, up for swing" aspect, not wanting to sound opinionated but if this is how I really wanted to play a game like this wouldn't I have gotten a Wii? In truth I felt that this whole aspect of the game was a cop out to any golfing related game on the Wii. However apparently the good people at Tiburon most of thought that many people would fell that way and to receive a more "this is familiar" method of hitting the ball is just a button press away, which you will need if you expect to pull off some of the more difficult pitches.

Also the game has very high expectations of you. Like I mentioned before I don't know a lick about golf and I especially don't know anything about playing golf. When you first start out making your character the video coach gives you some resembling idea of a tutorial to play the game. But in the end you'll discover that it's not really enough to play well. Granted there is a tutorial section, but it's so well hidden and never mentioned of that I seriously stumbled on it while trying to find a way to make the game easier.

Adding on to my statement that the game expects to much of you is when you are even so much as ONE STROKE over par in general the "crowd of the tour" begins jeering and booing you like you don't have a chance to redeem yourself. This particularly became a blow to my self-esteem when it came to playing the game the first few times, just be aware if you're still learning how to play it's within your better interest to turn "Tour Experience" off to save you the annoyance, because there's going to be a lot more to worry about.

And by that I mean your created character who seriously expects you to hit birdies (the term used when you use less strokes then allowed) like they're the broad side of a barn. I am serious! I can pretty much almost hit par every time now and still my character bellyaches with an annoying "COME OOOON!" like it's not acceptable, I find that to be annoying as well.

However besides it's somewhat antagonizing learning curve I will say when you have it all down it feel awesome when everything is working out to your advantage and you're actually playing very well. The overall atmosphere of the game (once you turn the audience and commentators) off truly helps you relax and wind down after a day of stressful working. There are also challenges to keep you playing the game, just don't expect to tackle them until you've learned how to play. And without doubt the local multiplayer gaming is what keeps me interested (though I wonder if the online scene is full of asshole), but of course you would need to find a second person who is interested in playing golf on a video game.

So to end this review I will say that Tiger Woods PGA 10 is a good game that is simple to play but still has a steep learning curve to master and is certainly worth purchasing if you have another person to play it with. However it would need to do something miraculous (like having the option to use the vibrating controller as a ball massager, just playing) to even think I would buy a sequel. Especially considering that I am not in it for the online play.

Game Traits applied to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (X360) by whiskeyhicks

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
    Custom Character
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    precision, Golf Simulation
  • General Tone:
    relaxing, challenging
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (X360)

Genre/Style: Sports/Golf
Release Date: 08/JUN/09
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